Advantages of bullion trading


Advanced trading technology

Trading technology on all platforms is easy to use.


Superior support services

Superior support services with Chinese and English bilingual services.


24-hour trading

In the 24-hour uninterrupted trading market, the price fluctuation will not be smaller than any currency pair


Low point difference

Enjoy some of the low point differences, as well as competitive commission rates

Price of bullion

Bullion is quoted with USD. The transaction code is composed of an abbreviation of bullion and USD. The price will be counted based on the weight of Bullion, i.e. OUNCE.

XAUUSD represents the price of Gold

XAUUSD 1560.52 means the price of Gold is US$1560.52 per ounce

XAGUSD represents the price of Silver

Pip/ Tick

The minimum rate fluctuation is called a point, a pip or a tick.

As technology improves, the minimum floating price continues to fall, but the definition of one point remains the same.

For the price of Gold, the minimum rate fluctuation is US$0.01

For the price of Silver, the minimum rate fluctuation is US$0.001

Bid Price & Ask Price

Trading of Bullion and Forex have the same Bid and Ask pricing mechanism, so a spread will exist for buy and sell side.
Bullion contract: "lot" is used to express the basic unit of quantity of a contract. 1 lot represents 1 contract.
In a Gold contract, 1 lot of Gold means 100 ounce
In a Sliver contract, 1 lot of Silver means 2500 ounce

Please be reminded that the contract size directly affect the profit and loss per pip fluctuation:
Price of Gold fluctuates US$10 per pip
Price of Silver fluctuares US$25 per pip

Terms and Condition of MT4 Trading Platform

ContractLocal London GoldSilver (London)
No. of Contracts (per lot) 100 ounces 2500 ounces
Minimum price fluctuationUS$0.01 per ounceUS$0.001 per ounce
Spread Floating Spreads
Initial Margin (per lot) Initial Margin: 1% of position opening
Liquidation: 20% of initial margin
Initial Margin: 1% of position opening
Liquidation: 20% of initial margin
Margin for locking position Position Locking: 30% of initial margin
Position Unlocking: Equity must be higher than 20% of Initial Margin
Position Locking & Liquidation: 6% of initial margin
Limit/Stop Order Order can only be placed beyond US$1 market price Only accept price exist US$0.02
Only accept price exist US$0.02 At least 3 seconds
Opening and closing interval At least 3 seconds
Order Execution Principles Order will be executed at actual market price
The Freeze level is set to US$0.2 for each order# The Freeze level is set to US$0.05 for each order#
# the Freeze level and the Limit/Stop Order will be adjusted any time depending on market fluctuations.
Note: this data is subject to change without prior notice.
#The Calculation of the Initial Margin is different between the HMLV e-Trader and MT4; If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us#

* if the net asset value of a customer's account is lower than the required margin for compulsory closing of positions;  and the Company believes that the balance is not sufficient to withstand the associated market risk, HMLV has a right, but not an obligation, to choose to close the customer's contract without prior notice to protect the customer from insufferable losses.

*The required amount of margin may change subject to the market condition.

Bullion Trading examples
We hope to summarize basic trading knowledge and introduce you to a more comprehensive trading concept.
We assume that the bullion market is in a bull market, that is a market with an upward trend in the price of bullion. The quotes are as follows.

Open a Position
XAU/USD quotation

Value per lot
100oz x $1500.50=$150,050

Margin trading (1 lot):

Ask price:

Ask price: 1501.00USD

1 lot: 1501.00USD

Profit and Loss
Profit: 112,770-112,680=90USD

Ask price:

Ask price: 149,900 USD

1 lot: 149,900 USD

Profit and Loss
Loss: 149.900 - 150.050 = -150 USD

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