Online payment platform

As long as you have a bank card or credit card with the logo "UnionPay" and has gone through the formalities of online transfer business at the card-issuing bank, you can transfer the money to our account through the online payment platform.

The Company will waive the relevant service fees charged by online payment institutions. Please click here, for more details. The exchange rate is calculated according to the exchange rate provided by UnionPay.

The daily maximum transfer limit is determined by each bank. Please contact the card issuing bank for details.

Online transfer
Transfer the money to HMLV account through online banking

In general, the money will be received in one to five working days.

Remittance charges vary among different banks. Apart from paying the handling fee for the bank, the intermediary bank may also charge a certain fee, depending on the amount of the intermediary bank concerned.

The daily maximum transfer limit depends on each bank. Please consult your bank for details.

Upon completion of the transfer, please write down the client's name and the six-digit HMLV transaction account number on the transfer record, and e-mail to [email protected] after scan. The account will be recorded for you as soon as the payment is verified.